The Fearless Warrior Project – Volume 2

Fearless Warrior Publishing Vol  #2 - 2

Have you ever sent yourself to timeout?

Every three weeks after my mom’s treatments she likes to ask for me to rub her head.
I gently rub her head and tell her to close her eyes and breathe in the flowers through her nose and blow out the birthday candles through her mouth. We repeat this kind of breathing three more times and then she opens her eyes. I call this the timeout method. After that I ask if I can go back to watching cartoons. She always smiles and says, “Of course!”

Going on timeout is something mom and I practice everyday. It gives us both a moment to just relax and be quiet. By taking the time to just be still for a few minutes, it allows your mind to take a break. It also gives you a moment to think about new fun things to do and be creative!

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, please make sure you to put yourself on timeout!!!!!

~ The Fearless Princess