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After your diagnosis of breast cancer, you may want to get involved or give back to a community, organization or hospital that helped you during your journey.

Think about your skill set. Are you good with people? Maybe you could volunteer as a counselor for a cancer support group. Do you like athletic events? Maybe you could join a walking group for an upcoming walk for cancer.

Would you like to volunteer your time in general? There are several ways you can volunteer your time and support cancer patients or survivors through a cancer awareness group, foundation, or hospital, working in various roles. Another example is volunteering to drive cancer patients to and from their treatments. One role would be to support others to find information or just give support to those who may need it most.

Are you passionate about raising awareness about cancer? You can work for organizations where you can speak and raise public awareness about cancer and speak at schools, religious centers, or other places to educate the public.

There are always various fundraising events held by cancer support organizations. By volunteering as a fundraiser or helping with operations and logistics, you will raise money to enable others to have a better chance in their fight against cancer. There are walks for breast cancer and other low-impact athletic events that you can also participate in or offer to volunteer.

Also, you can use your time to work on breast cancer advocacy, through national policy issues and healthcare policy. There are groups that focus on this advocacy that can always use volunteers. In addition, you could help support organizations that are on the forefront of breast cancer research.