Story of Noelle


On February 28, 2006, at 4:45 p.m., when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I didn’t really understand what was going on. I was only 3 years old. I was scared about what might happen, because she didn’t feel well often, so I would help to take care of her and put my toys in the bed to keep her company. Mommy talked to me about helping other people and told me she had made a promise to God. She asked me if I could help her, so it became our thing together. Tigerlily just kept getting bigger. I saw all the women that my mom was helping and how she was getting a lot of people to help. I asked her what I could do to help, so I asked her to have a fundraiser. A few weeks later, I had my first Cupcake Fundraiser with friends, and raised $600 in three hours! Once I saw what I could do, I wanted to do more.

Mommy and I did yoga together, ate healthily, exercised, and she was always looking for ways to stay healthy and get stronger. She took me with her to conferences and meetings, and she was helping a lot of people. I wasn’t as scared of breast cancer as some of my friends were because I knew I could do something about it, so I wanted to plan a big event, to get girls and moms to talk about breast health, healthy lifestyle, education, empowerment and ways to lower their risk of breast cancer – in a fun way like mommy explained it to me. I came up with the idea for Pajama Glam Party.  Today, Pajama Glam Party has become one of Tigerlily Foundation’s biggest events. I’ve been asked to be an Ambassador for, interviewed by Joan Lunden, and done a lot of interviews on t.v., to talk about how important it is to help others. I have big ideas for the future and I hope you can join me in hosting Pajama Glam Parties across the country.

If you’d like to be on the Planning Committee for Pajama Glam Party in Washington, DC, or Host a Pajama Glam Party in your community, email, and tell us how you want to help.  Subject:  Pajama Glam Party, and we’ll get you started!