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The ANGEL Tour

Taking Hope on the Road to empower Women of Color to become their best self-advocate improving health literacy and access to quality breast health education.

May 2023 – April 2024

Black Women face the highest disparities and mortality rates from breast cancer. We have to change this.

The UNSTOPPABLE: ANGEL TOUR focuses on reaching Black women in the top 21 cities that have the highest need for breast health education, resources, and tools for self-advocacy. Tigerlily Foundation will host a variety of events across these cities for every woman affected by breast cancer – patients, thrivers, family and friends! The ANGEL Tour will offer a range of activities, including brunches, lifestyle summits, faith-based engagements, conferences, and community installations that will include powerful speakers and inspirationally curated events embedded within each city.

We will educate women about breast health, risk reduction, screening, early detection, navigating the treatment journey, clinical trials, overcoming barriers, survivorship and more. Through digital content and interactive conversations, we will provide education on breast cancer subtypes, family health history, genetics, and much more, to empower women to become their best self-advocate improving health literacy and mobilizing their communities.


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